Mold Remediation & Mold Removal Services

Anyone who has mold contamination needs to have mold remediation performed as soon as possible. The risks to the health of the occupants as well as the risk of further property damage is never something anyone should ignore. The problem will not go away simply by pretending it is not there.

South Jersey and Philadelphia Mold Removal

Mold removal services can sometimes be expensive, but the longer you wait the more expensive the problem will become. The other factor when considering mold remediation is moisture mitigation. Since we know that excessive moisture is the cause of all mold contamination within a structure, we know that we need to remedy that situation while addressing the mold. The sooner the moisture intrusion issue is resolved, the less expensive the repairs will be to the property.

Mold Remediation Process

The process of mold remediation is a time-tested process that involves five precise steps done in the proper sequence every time. 

  1. Critical Containment – This is the process of isolating the area of concern from other living or working areas so that cross-contamination does not occur. This is primarily done using heavy plastic sheeting under negative air pressure.
  2. HEPA vacuuming the affected area – This will remove loose mold spores laying on top of building materials or personal property. 
  3. Chemical mold removal using a certified fungicide – This is applied with a sprayer or fogger machine. 
  4. Physical removal of any remaining mold – This is done with a wire brush or other scraping tools. 
  5. Encapsulation – This involves the coating of building materials with a latex-based paint which is specially formulated with antifungal properties.  This will prevent the recurrence of mold for years to come.

How long a mold remediation process takes place is very much dependent on the size and scope of the project. A residential mold remediation project is typically a week or less while a commercial project may take several weeks to complete the mold removal services.

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Mold Remediation, Mold Cleaning Services, and Mold Removal Services

In the mold remediation world, there are many different terms and phrases that describe the process of removing mold from a home or business. Mold remediation, mold cleaning, and mold removal are often used interchangeably.  There are two services that MSE offers when dealing with elevated mold growth.  The primary service is Mold Remediation which is a very technical cleaning service involving many steps (see above) when there is a serious mold problem.  The other service that MSE offers is called Hygienic Cleaning.  

Hygienic Cleaning is offered when there is a very light coating of mold that does not require all of the steps of a full mold remediation. Some of the steps involve fungicide wet wipes, cleaning of clothing, bedding, linens, etc, and HEPA vacuuming all surfaces. Hygienic cleaning can often be performed in a single day and with less interruption to the occupants.  

Mold Remediation in NJ Reviews

“I had moisture in my basement and Tom was quick to come over and inspect it thoroughly and enthusiastically. His helpers took care of the grosser aspects of the jobs neatly and expertly. He made great recommendations for what we could do to control the moisture in our basement going forward. Not every job requires a massive amount of work, or expense! Tom explained our options going forward and charged us fairly for the work he did, and he has even stopped by following a phone call with our additional concerns (which turned out to be no big deal). Since Tom’s work, our basement been much more livable again!”

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“Tom and his team fixed a long-standing water in the basement problem. (Collingswood water table) It took a number of tries but he stuck with it until it was fixed. His crew was polite and neat. I recommend, you’ll have no worries.”

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Mold Remediation FAQs

What is the difference between mold removal and mold remediation?

Mold removal refers to the procedure of expelling molds from the property, although it does not include ascertaining the source of moist environments.

Mold remediation Is a comprehensive process where very specific steps are taken using an established protocol that is time tested and comes with a guarantee.

Read our blog post to learn more about the difference between mold remediation and mold removal.

When is mold remediation required?

Mold remediation should begin as soon as you suspect or identify mold covering an area over 10 sqft. Although, if anyone is showing symptoms of a mold allergy such as sneezing, watery eyes, itchy skin or coughing, it can be an indication of the infestation of mold.

Contact a professional and trustworthy mold inspector to help you decide if you require mold remediation.

How long does mold remediation take?

Traditional mold remediation might take several days. (NOTE: Mold remediation and mold inspection are completely separate tasks, oftentimes done by separate companies. They are NEVER done together).

Speak to a trustworthy and experienced mold inspection company to get a better idea of how long your mold remediation project will take.

Can I stay in my home during mold remediation? Will my employees be able to work during my business mold remediation?

Moisture Science recommends you stay a safe distance away from the mold remediation site while the project is being performed. It is a case-by-case basis because sometimes we can seal off a portion of your home or business allowing you to have regular access to the remaining areas.

Call Moisture Science to answer your questions and concerns before starting any home or business mold remediation: (609) 314-3528

Do mold remediation companies need to be licensed?

Mold remediation companies in NJ and PA require a minimum of one consultant, who is licensed in mold assessment, to govern as the responsible person of the company. The mold remediation company also requires no less than one mold remediation contractor, who is licensed to govern as the authoritative person of the company.

Moisture Tech is a licensed mold remediation company in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that can provide you with the best solutions for your mold problems. Email us today for more information on our license and insurance: