The Differences in Mold Remediation vs Mold Removal

Mold Remediation vs Mold Removal

If you find mold in your home or business, you will probably seek out a company that can offer a solution. Unfortunately, there are some mold companies that are not interested in the root cause, which ultimately leads to a recurrence of mold contamination. There is a subtle but essential difference between mold remediation vs mold removal.

  • Mold removal: refers to the process in which visible mold is physically removed or killed. This process, while it does remove mold from the home, does not necessarily identify the reason why the mold arrived in the first place, and there is a risk that the mold will return.
  • Mold remediation: is a comprehensive multi-step process that ensures that all of the mold contamination is removed, but just as importantly that millions of spores are not released into the rest of the house because of poor critical containment. Mold remediation should only be performed by certified and insured remediation professionals.

If you find mold where you live or work, you’ll typically want to work with a company that will provide a permanent solution: a mold remediation company.

Removing Mold

A non-professional that attempts to remove mold by cutting it out can be dangerous. Mold removal, especially the removal of well-established mold growths can be difficult. An ill-equipped layman or careless mold removal company may inadvertently release spores; one mold spore can grow into a dangerous mold growth that can affect your health.

Breathing mold spores can potentially cause respiratory issues, sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing, or asthma attacks. You also risk mold spores traveling to a new location, contaminating that new area.

Removing mold without identifying the underlying cause almost guarantees the return of mold. For example, if a leaking toilet is causing mold to grow in an adjacent wall, removing the mold won’t fix the leaking toilet (meaning the mold may return)! It is very important to FIRST identify the source of excess moisture.

If you discover mold, hire a trustworthy mold removal company that also will inspect and remediate mold.

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Remediation of Mold

At Moisture Science Environmental, we have implemented a 5-step mold remediation process that sets our services apart from the rest.

  1. Critical Containment – We first isolate the area affected by mold and work to avoid further contamination or the spread of airborne mold spores.
  2. HEPA vacuuming – Using a high-powered HEPA vacuum, we remove any mold spores that may be on untouched surfaces or belongings.
  3. Chemical mold removal – With a certified fungicide, we spray down the affected area to kill the mold.
    Physical removal of any remaining mold – If any mold remains, we use a wire brush or other scraping tool to remove stubborn mold colonies.
  4. Encapsulation – Finally, we cover the affected area with a latex-based sealant that incorporates unique antifungal properties to prevent the return or regrowth of new mold colonies.

The goal of our mold remediation services is not just to put a band-aid over your mold problem. We want to give you a more permanent solution that will assist in the prevention of mold growth in your home or business for years to come.

Mold Mitigation and Mold Abatement

In your search for a mold remediation solution, you may have also seen terms such as “mold mitigation” and “mold abatement.” These terms are often used interchangeably with mold remediation. However, the end goal of mold mitigation and mold abatement is the same as mold remediation – to not only remove the mold growth in your home but also determine how to prevent it from coming back again in the future.

Looking for mold mitigation in Pennsylvania? Need mold abatement in New Jersey? Contact Moisture Science: mold remediation near me.

Is Dead Mold Safe?

Even when dead, mold spores can still be inhaled and have a negative impact on your health or cause an allergic reaction if breathed in or touched. Just as continuous exposure to live mold can cause increased symptoms such as sneezing, itching eyes or allergies, long-term exposure to dead mold and dead mold spores can lead to similar negative health effects. Thus removal and remediation of even dead mold is absolutely essential.

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MSE: Providing Mold Education

MSE founder, Thomas McGuire, has spent the last 13 years providing mold education to New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents and business owners.

MSE is an authority when it comes to mold education. Our reputation relies on learning everything we can about mold, including how it spreads, what conditions it thrives in, and the best ways to prevent its growth. We believe that sharing our knowledge with our customers is one of the best aspects of our services. We want to clarify the differences between mold removal vs mold remediation because some unethical companies only care about making the sale.

MSE is a mold removal and remediation company providing local mold education in NJ and PA. Please call us today to begin your local mold remediation: (609)314-3528.

MSE: Best Mold Removal Solution

When it comes to dealing with mold, MSE is not satisfied with simply removing the mold from your home. We strive to educate homeowners on mold growth and prevention. It is our goal to provide long-lasting mold removal solutions.

If you suspect mold in your home or place of business, contact Moisture Science Environmental to schedule a mold inspection. Let us help you make an educated decision on how to remove and remediate mold in your home.

Tom McGuire
Tom McGuire - Moisture Science Environmental

As the owner and operator of Moisture Science Environmental, Tom McGuire has been doing mold remediation since 2009. Tom holds a degree in Microbiology from Thiel College, which makes him the only mold remediation professional in the Philly metro area and South Jersey with such credentials. Since 2010, he has also been a member of MICRO (Mold Inspection, Certification & Remediation Organization).

Tom is present at all mold inspections and remediation projects and does not use subcontractors. He does not use sales tactics or try to upsell services because he believes in providing customers with accurate information regarding their home or business mold solutions. He prides himself on education and empowering his customers with knowledge and that is why Tom authors the Moisture Science blog.