Mold Removal in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

If you find mold in your Cherry Hill home or business, it should be addressed immediately with proper mold remediation services. Untreated mold can cause health risks and also lead to further property damage. Resolve your mold issues with a local New Jersey company: Moisture Science Environmental.

Cherry Hill Mold Removal Services
Cherry Hill Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection in Cherry Hill, NJ

A mold inspection in Cherry Hill should always be done by a professional moisture expert. Moisture Science Environmental understands the New Jersey climate, and has over 25 years of experience dealing with residential and commercial mold issues. From inspecting crawl spaces to attic mold removal, our mold inspection company has helped local New Jersey homeowners and businesses such as Cherry Hill Mall.

Cherry Hill Mold Remediation Services

Mold remediation in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a process to ensure that the mold contamination is professionally removed. Moisture Science Environmental follows 5 critical steps:

  • Critical Containment
  • HEPA Vacuuming
  • Chemical Removal
  • Physical Removal
  • Encapsulation

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Other Mold Services in Cherry Hill, NJ

In addition to mold inspection and mold removal services, Moisture Science Environmental provides additional mold restoration services such as waterproofing, foundation restoration, and air quality testing.

Waterproofing Services in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Unless you find the source of the moisture, mold will keep coming back into your home or business. MSE first identifies the cause or entryway of elevated levels of moisture. We then offer waterproofing services to your Cherry Hill home or business to help prevent future moisture intrusion.

Foundation Restoration in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Foundation restoration is one of the most important maintenance requirements a Cherry Hill homeowner or business owner can take on. Some common signs that foundation restoration is needed are crackling, crumbling, and peeling of the painted surface or degradation of the mortar surface. Moisture Science Environmental provides solutions for your basement or crawlspace leakage, debris, and more.

Air Quality Testing in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Poor quality air can lead to a myriad of health issues. Testing for air quality can check for elevated mold spores in the area. Moisture Science Environmental is a New Jersey mold company, so we understand what moisture levels are safe for a Cherry Hill air quality test. Our expert mold inspector also understands the importance of where to conduct the air quality tests to ensure accurate readings.

Ever since COVID I have paid more attention to air quality. Tom McGuire and his crew at Moisture Science Environmental came recommended from a friend for mold testing. I spoke with Tom who informed me that my mold issue was a little more serious than expected (he used a UV light to reveal much more penicillin on my wood joists). I hired him to complete the mold remediation in my basement and I feel much better breathing the air in my own home.”

-5-Star Google Review from Mike G.

Why Hire Moisture Science Environmental for Mold Remediation in Cherry Hill?

Moisture Science Environmental is a local New Jersey mold inspection and removal company. We have helped numerous Cherry Hill clients identify and remediate mold in their homes and businesses. Not only do we have over 25+ years of experience, we have the mold education. Owner and operator, Tom McGuire, has a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology which means he understands the science of mold.

Many competitors rely on fear to maximize profits. However, MSE believes in providing mold solutions and education to our New Jersey clients. Our goal is to successfully remediate your mold contamination issues and help you to prevent future issues.

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Not in Cherry Hill? Moisture Science Environmental Can Still Help!

Moisture Science Environmental services all of South Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are licensed to provide mold inspection and mold remediation services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Here are the other areas we service: