Professional Air Quality Testing Services

There is only one way to ensure that professional air quality testing is performed correctly and that is to use a certified mold inspector. A certified mold inspector will perform a very scientific test that can determine exactly what the mold spores levels are and more importantly, are elevated. Only elevated mold spores will negatively affect a person’s health.

Local Air Quality Test for Homes and Businesses

An experienced and certified mold inspector will know the most important places to administer these tests. The conditions in which to take a mold test are equally important. Making sure all windows are closed, the HVAC system is turned off and any pets or children are not running past the testing equipment are all key to guaranteeing the accuracy of the test. Some DIY home mold testing kits are advertised as being able to detect mold in any area of the home where you place the kit. The problem with this idea is that there is always mold in the air in all homes or businesses and so these kits will only confirm the obvious. Learn more about how to test air quality in your home from our blog, written by a professional air quality tester (and Moisture Science owner), Tom McGuire.

How Is Professional Air Quality Testing Done?

Air quality testing services are performed using an air pump with an aerocell disk that is specifically made to collect tiny particles such as mold spores from the air. The air pump will draw a specific amount of air over a specific time period and the aerocell disk will be where the mold spores are trapped. These disks are then sent to an accredited laboratory and analyzed. The analysis provides the inspector with the levels of mold inside the tested area and these results are then compared to what the levels should be. The inspector then provides a report to the client along with a remediation plan if it is appropriate.  

Air Quality Testing

Underlying Issues of Bad Air Quality

Chronic poor air quality is known to cause so many adverse health issues.  Respiratory problems such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis, and wheeze are all known to be exacerbated by poor air quality issues. Other negative issues such as headache, itchy skin, watery eyes, and sinusitis are also known to be caused by mold-related air quality issues.

We spend the vast majority of our time in our homes. This has never been more relevant than the past 2 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us now spend twice as much time at home than we ever did in the past. Having a home that is a safe and healthy environment is more important than ever. The good news is, once we identify any problems that exist within the home there are new and exciting technologies that will help us solve these problems.

From air quality testing services that can be completed and results returned within 72 hours to air purifiers that not only clean the air in your home but can constantly monitor the air and let homeowners know what allergens are being detected. So while the initial scare of being told the air quality in your home is poor might feel overwhelming, luckily there are lots of people and tools to help correct this problem. 

“I had started remodeling my bathroom and noticed mold behind the tiling and Tom fit me in immediately so I was assured my family wasn’t in any danger breathing it in. Very professional.”
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Air Quality Testing FAQs

How do professionals test for air quality?

Moisture Science professionals use two main varieties of air quality testing procedures: Exterior Air Testing & Indoor Air Quality Testing. Depending on your specific situation, we will do air quality tests in certain areas that may be affected. MSE will go over the results with our customers so they understand and can make an informed decision on how to take the next steps if remediation is required.

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What does an air quality test detect?

Our professional air quality inspection and testing include temperature, microbe contamination, and humidity. Moisture Science will help you understand the air quality test results to determine if your home or business is hazardous. Read our blog to learn more about testing your home air quality.

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How can I test air quality myself?

In most cases, the Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t recommend general home IAQ testing (Indoor Air Quality testing). “Each indoor environment is unique, so there is no one test that can measure all aspects of IAQ in your home,”

Trust a professionally licensed air quality test company to ensure you are testing correctly and understanding the results of the testing to make informed decisions. Moisture Science has a combined 25 years of experience assisting Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents and businesses with their indoor air quality testing.

Is an air quality test worth it?

Air quality testing plays a vital role to maintain safety standards for your family — if the right tests are done & done correctly. A lot of do-it-yourself air quality tests may not check for everything. They can also be done incorrectly by non-professionals.

A professional such as MSE can help you take and assess the results of an air quality test. Call us today to schedule your air quality test: (609) 314-3528

How do I clean the air in my house?

The only tried and true method of cleaning the air in your home is to use an air purifier. There are hundreds of air purifying products on the market so do your research to find a unit that truly is HEPA-rated and has an excellent reputation.

However, you must remember these are recommendations to clear the air in your house. They will not get to the source of the issue which an air quality test detection company such as Moisture Science can help you resolve: New Jersey Air Quality Testing or Air Quality Testing in Philadelphia